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Brig. Gen. (res.) Arieh Fishbein
Member of the Board

  CV – Arie Fishbein              
General Arie Fishbein  (Ret) served the Israel Air Force (IAF) with distinction as the commander of the Israel’s Air Defense System and was  first to serve his country in  this capacity, providing direction and guidance for future commanders.
In this capacity he was in charge of air defenses of Israel preventing Aircrafts, Missiles  Rockets and undesirable  planes to reach targets in Israel.
He is considered an authority in Air Defense and is a most respected professional  who delivers lectures at international seminars.
He is a top expert and world authority in his field of air defenses.
Here is more background on General  Arie Fishbein : ____________________________________________________________________

• Master Degree (M.Sc) in Industrial Engineering at the Business Management department (Excellent – 92) at Ben Guryon University 1995.

• Bachelor Degree (B.A) in Political Science, with honors, at Tel Aviv University, 1986.

Occupational Experience:

Since October 2013– CEO of Friends of Meir Medical Center .

• Managing the association.

2008–2013  CEO of Afik Consultation and Management.

• Registered business in my private ownership for consultation services and project management.

• Managing an international project to the submission of a 2.5 billion Shekels worth of tender for the establishment of the light train in Jerusalem which included negotiation for funds with banks, operating consultants, contract signing, elaborate planning and building an economical model.

• Managing the project of the establishment of the Arena Mall in Herzliya (in Israel) which included planning, building, marketing and sales.

• Ground-to-ground missile and antiaircraft consultation services for Wales Company which included professional lectures in international conventions.

• "Iron Dome Radar" project manager.

2005-2007 – CEO of the Association for the Wellbeing of Israel's Soldiers

• Managing a business activity in national extent of 400 million Shekels a year.

• Project management in the real estate filed in an extent of 100 million Shekels a year.

• Vast experience in funds seeking for the organization in Israel and abroad and in negotiation with banks for funding and credit programs.

• Fluent work and close acquaintance with the business segment, the military segment and municipal segment.

• Improvement of the association financial balance from a deficit of 6 million Shekels upon taking the position in question to a profit of 5 million Shekels upon retiring from it.

2004-2005 – Sales Department Manager – Mirs., Motorola Communications Ltd.

• Headquarters' and security manager and working with the military system in the sales and marketing department.

• Increasing sales and profitability of the company, a yearly 800% achievement of financial goals.

• Managing a national wide team of sales personnel.

2002 - 2004 – CEO of "Jerusalem pass" company .

• The manager of the light rail tender in Jerusalem .

2001 - 2002 - CEO at Prym Medical.  
• Management of all activity fields of the company (A start up company) and its execution in practice.

• Direct responsibility for the fluent operation of the company in the following fields: finance, human resources, entrepreneurship and development, acquisitions, quality control, marketing and opening of new markets worldwide.

• The initiation of the company's issuing in the Swiss stock market and the planning of ink diligence for the company.

•Close involvement in the investors' recruitment for the company for its development and increased activity.

• Marketing and sales promotion for both national sales and export in total of 4 million US Dollars during the first activity year.

1998-2001 – Anti-aircraft Forces Commander in the air force.

• A 28 years' service in the IDF in a function parallel to a corps commander (over 15,000 soldiers) – the last rank in IDF was Brigadier General.

• Antiaircraft alignment and ground defense management in the air force.

• Responsibility for a focuses work with the Americans for the consolidation of work procedures and communications between the armies.

• The head of the Patriot delegation in the United States and the responsible person for the reception of the operational reception of the Patriot and Hetz missiles within the air force.

• The management of the activity budget and weaponry of the antiaircraft alignment in an extent of tens of million shekels a year.

• Vast experience and knowledge in project managing in command and control systems, radar, ground defense, missiles and ammunition. 

• Practical experience and in-depth comprehension of training and qualification programs planning.

• In the past, air force commander function execution and vast experience in headquarters and training functions.

Appreciation diplomas:

• First national prize for quality and excellence in the industry for the year 1996.


English – fluent level   
Hebrew – mother tongue    
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