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In Use (not in Israel)

VIDEO LINK: "PAC-3 Interceptions Against a Variety of Targets"

VIDEO LINK: "How the System Works"

Smaller and more efficient than the PAC-2 missile, the PAC-3 is a hit-to-kill missile, impacting directly to destroy its target.  The PAC-3 carries no warhead, giving it higher maneuverability and range, depending instead on high-accuracy guidance to destroy a target by colliding with it at enormous relative velocity.  Shown to be highly effective in testing, over 500 missiles are now deployed with the U.S. Army. 

First appearing in 2001, the PAC-3 has undergone continued development since that time; it is reported that the PAC-3 currently defends a considerably larger area than the PAC-2. 

The PAC-3 took part in the recent 2003 Gulf War, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and according to conservative estimates, downed 8-9 Iraqi missiles.

PAC-3 has been purchased and deployed by several other countries around the world, including Japan and Holland.

Sources: fas.org; also globalsecurity.org; also raytheon.com; also acq.osd.mil; also mda.mil



  Technical Details Summary  
Name PAC-3 (Patriot Advanced Capability 3)
Type hit-to-kill, anti-missile missile
Built by U.S.A.
Succesfully tested? yes
Platform specialized launchers
Supply ready to order
Efficient against short and medium range ballistic missiles
Used by Israel? no




PAC-3 nearing the target missile, October 00 (courtesy Missile Defense Agency)


PAC-3 interception, October '00 (courtesy Missile Defense Agency)


PAC-3 destroys its target, October '00 (courtesy Missile Defense Agency)


PAC-3 launch, February '00 (courtesy Missile Defense Agency)










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