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In Use In Israel

VIDEO LINK: Arrow Missile Test 

The Arrow anti-missile missile, jointly developed by Israel and the U.S., is today a successful, operational system defending Israel against the threat of long range ballistic missile attack.  Arrow is a complete, integrated anti-missile missile system, including command and control and radar components designed to give it excellent capability against long range missiles and rockets.

The Arrow program started in 1988 with an American invitation to Israel to participate in the U. S. Strategic Defense Initiative (Star Wars).  When, in 1991, Iraqi Scuds fell on Israel during the Persian Gulf War, the necessity for Israeli Missile Defense became a national priority and work on the Arrow program began in earnest. 

After many tests and many challenges, in October 2000 the Arrow 2 system was declared operational and began service in the Israeli Air Force.  Having completed a number of highly successful tests, it continues to this day to undergo extensive development and testing on a regular basis.  The Arrow system is coordinated to work with the American PAC 2 system in use in Israel.

Sources: mod.gov.il; also defenseindustrydaily.com



  Technical Details Summary  
Name Arrow 2
Type proximity explosion, anti-missile missile
Built by Israel
Succesfully tested? yes
Platform specialized launchers
Efficient against long range ballistic missiles
Used by Israel? yes




Arrow 2 launch, August 26, '04 (courtesy Missile Defense Agency)


Arrow 2 launch


Arrow 2 (courtesy BIAF-Israel Aerospace Magazine)










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