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Operational in Israel

VIDEO LINK: David's Sling Background Film From Rafael

Video Link: Fly out test of David's Sling

David's Sling is a medium range missile defense system.  It has been operational in Israel since 2017. 

David's Sling is proposed to defend against rockets and missiles with a range of 40-250 km, like Hizballah's longest range weapons: the Iranian Zelzal, the Fajr, and the Fatah 110, as well as extended range Katyushas.

Sources: jpost.com; also tmcnet.com




  Technical Details Summary  
Name David's Sling (Kelaa David)
Type hit-to-kill, anti-missile interceptor
Built by Rafael Industies, Israel and Raytheon, U.S.A.
Platform specialized launchers
Efficient against short and medium range ballistic missiles
Approx. delivery date 2013




Stunner - missile of David's Sling


Stunner - missile of David's Sling


Stunner - missile of David's Sling


Stunner (courtesy BIAF- Israel Aerospace Magazine)










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