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In Development

VIDEO LINK: David's Sling Background Film From Rafael

Video Link: Fly out test of David's Sling

An anti-missile missile system, very little information is publicly available about the David's Sling.  It has been reported that it will be capable of intercepting short and medium range rockets and missiles. 

David's Sling is proposed to defend against rockets and missiles with a range of 40-250 km, like Hizballah's longest range weapons: the Iranian Zelzal, the Fajr, and the Fatah 110, as well as extended range Katyushas.

Sources: jpost.com; also tmcnet.com




  Technical Details Summary  
Name David's Sling (Kelaa David)
Type hit-to-kill, anti-missile interceptor
Built by Rafael Industies, Israel and Raytheon, U.S.A.
Platform specialized launchers
Efficient against short and medium range ballistic missiles
Approx. delivery date 2013




Stunner - missile of David's Sling


Stunner - missile of David's Sling


Stunner - missile of David's Sling


Stunner (courtesy BIAF- Israel Aerospace Magazine)










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