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Operational in Israel

Israeli plans to develop a three tier missile defense shield, including short, intermediate, and long range defenses, will include the Arrow-3 interceptor system, representing a significant technological improvement over the Arrow-2.

Arrow-3, whose U.S. funding was approved in May 2009, is planned to reach altitudes of 100 km, and as such will significantly increase the defensive range of Israel.  With the achievement of such altitudes, essentially in space, the warning time available in the face of a missile attack is increased and the possibility of collateral damage from the destruction of the enemy missile is far less.




  Technical Details Summary  
Name Arrow-3
Type exo-atmospheric anti-ballistic missile system
Built by U.S.A. and Israel
Warhead none - hit to kill design
Altitude 100 km
Approx. delivery date unknown




Arrow-3 kill vehicle at the Paris Air Show 2009










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