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Today Israel is one of the world's leaders in technology, and has access to excellent missile defense systems built both at home and abroad.  Israeli communities need not remain vulnerable to missiles and rockets.  What is needed?  The priority to get it done.

Please make your voice heard. The technology is available, the missile threat is real. What is needed is an intense, educated public dialogue, addressing the issue outside the “business as usual” framework.

Making the difficult budget decisions needed to implement comprehensive missile defense will not be easy.  In a democracy, education and public support are needed to make major changes.  Reaching the right balance and implementing a complete missile defense system can only occur in an environment of intense public awareness, discussion and support.

Both IMDA and AFIMDA urge you to make your opinion known.  Your voice counts... Get Involved!



American Friends of the Israel Missile Defense Association (AFIMDA)

AFIMDA was established by concerned Americans dedicated to enhancing the public dialogue on comprehensive missile defense in Israel, in the United States and worldwide. 

For more information about AFIMDA, click here:


Host an Informational Meeting

Getting the word out about missile defense for Israel is critical to help make it happen. 

If you would like to host an informational meeting in your home, synagogue, or office, IMDA will do its best to bring a representative to your community to provide an in-depth missile defense briefing.  These briefings explain the nature of the missile threat, the defenses available and how you can contribute to the national dialogue about Israeli missile defense.

For specific information, please contact us.


Contribute to the IMDA

Contributions to IMDA give a voice to missile defense in Israel.  Your support can be financial or personal; click here to learn more:



Send an email to Israel's
Prime Minister:

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Members of Knesset:


Send an email to the
White House:


Send an email to
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Send an email to
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Send this IMDA website link to your friends.
The more people know the facts behind the importance
of Missile Defense, the better chance Israel has of
developing the right systems, and soon.
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