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The Second Lebanon War began on July 12, 2006 with the Hizballah claiming a rocket arsenal of between 12,000 – 14,000 rockets.  Approximately 10,000 were short range Katyushas with a strike ability of less than 20 km.

In the course of one month, between July 12 and August 13, the IDF Home Front Command reported 3,970 rocket impacts in Israel.

907 rockets impacted on buildings or close enough to cause severe damage.

Kiryat Shemona caught the worst of any city with 1,012 rocket hits during the war.  Naharia on the coast was second worst with 808 impacts.

Rocket fire on Israel throughout the war was regulated and steady.  The last day of the war saw 253 hits!

Acording to most sources, there were 53 deaths, 250 severe injuries, and thousands of lesser injuries as a direct result of rocket hits. 


Hundreds of thousands fled their homes.  Perhaps 1,000,000 people spent the entire war in shelters. 

The Port of Haifa was forced to close, the Navy base at Haifa was forced to relocate south, and thousands of acres of forest and nature reserves were burned down as a result of the rocket impacts.

In a speech in Beirut on September 22, '06, Hizballah chief Nasrallah claimed their rocket arsenal is already renewed, bigger than before the war – some 20,000 rockets! (See: boston.com )

Sources: biu.ac.il; also ynet.co.il 






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