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The C-802, one of the best anti-ship cruise missiles in the world, was originally designed and built by China.  Exported to Iran in the early 1990's, the Iranians made design changes and improvements, and apparently transferred some of these missiles to Hizballah.

It is thought that one such C-802 hit the "Hanit", an Israeli Saar 5-class missile ship enforcing the blockade of Lebanon on July 14, 2006, killing four sailors. 

A BBC report during the war mentioned an announcement by Israel’s military forces that Iranian Revolutionary Guard advisors were present when the Hizballah launched their C-802 against the "Hanit". (see news.bbc.co)

Sources: "The Rocket Campaign Against Israel During the 2006 Lebanon War" by Uzi Rubin © 2007 BESA Center for Strategic Studies; also wikipedia.org; also “Military: C-802" at globalsecurity.org



  Technical Details Summary  
Name C-802 Cruise Missile
Type anti-ship cruise missile
Built by Iran
Warhead 165 kg high explosive
Accuracy highly accurate
Launcher from ground, ships, or air
Length 6.392 m
Weight 715 kg
Diameter 36 cm
Range 120 km
Speed Mach 0.9
Propulsion turbojet engine
Guidance system inertial, active radar




A ship-launched C-802 (from drno.homeip.net)


Launch of C-802 from Chinese "109" destroyer (from drno.homeip.net)


Iranian C-802 in flight










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