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  302mm Rocket  

First used by the Hizballah against Israel during the Second Lebanon War in the summer of 2006, these Syrian-made rockets were fired from multi-barreled launchers during the war, from inside civilian areas, including residential buildings. 

Evidently an unreliable weapon, this rocket has been known to disintegrate in flight or even explode prematurely.  The longest range rocket to be used against Israel during the war, perhaps no more than 24 ever actually landed, but of those that arrived, several caused serious damage. 

In a Hizballah attack on August 4, 2006, what was evidently a 302 mm rocket landed close to the Israeli city of Hadera, some 90 km south of the Lebanese border, the southern-most hit of any rocket fired against Israel during the war.

Sources: "The Rocket Campaign Against Israel During the 2006 Lebanon War" by Uzi Rubin © 2007 BESA Center for Strategic Studies.



  Technical Details Summary  
Name 302mm Rocket
Type medium range ballistic rocket
Built by Syria
Accuracy limited
Launcher multi-barreled truck launchers
Diameter 302mm
Range 100 km
Guidance system unguided













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