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Essentially an “unguided Scud", it is capable of reaching Tel Aviv and points south when launched from Southern Lebanon.  In August of 2006, Channel 1 of Israeli TV reported that the Secretary-General of the "Intifada Conference", Mohtashami Pur, told an Iranian newspaper that Iran had transferred Zelzal 2 missiles to Hizballah so they could be used to defend Lebanon (Aug. 4, 2006 "Iran: We supplied Zelzal-2 to Hizbullah" By jpost.com staff and Yaakov Katz).

There is some evidence that Hizballah attempted to fire this Iranian-made rocket at Israel during the war in the summer of 2006.  Luckily, no Zelzal ever actually reached Israeli territory.


Sources: "The Rocket Campaign Against Israel During the 2006 Lebanon War" by Uzi Rubin © 2007 BESA Center for Strategic Studies; also “Hezbollah's Strategic Rocket Arsenal” by Gary C. Gambill published in the Middle East Intelligence Bulletin, Nov-Dec ‘02; also globalsecurity.org



  Technical Details Summary  
Name Zelzal 2 (Earthquake 2)
Type medium range ballistic rocket
Built by Iran
Warhead 600 kg
Accuracy limited
Launcher specially built vehicles
Length 8.46 m
Weight 3,500 kg
Diameter 600mm
Range 250 km
Propulsion solid fuel
Guidance system unguided




The Zelzal 2 on parade in Iran


Zelzal 2 test launch in Iranian desert (Nov. 2, '06)


Zelzal 2 test launch in Iranian desert (Nov. 2, '06)


Several Zelzal 2 missiles before launch (Nov. 2, '06)










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