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Transferred to the Hizballah through Syria, this Iranian-made rocket could be used to hit Haifa and points south.  For reasons which are not clear, the Hizballah made use of this weapon against Israel perhaps only once during the Second Lebanon War.

Sources: "The Rocket Campaign Against Israel During the 2006 Lebanon War" by Uzi Rubin © 2007 BESA Center for Strategic Studies; also “Hezbollah's Strategic Rocket Arsenal” by Gary C. Gambill published in the Middle East Intelligence Bulletin, Nov-Dec ‘02; also globalsecurity.org



  Technical Details Summary  
Name Fadjr 3 (Dawn 3)
Type short range ballistic rocket
Built by Iran
Warhead 45 kg
Accuracy limited
Launcher specially designed vehicles
Length 5.2 m
Weight 4078 kg
Diameter 240mm
Range 45 km
Guidance system unguided




Fadjr 3 launch vehicle










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